Our Enviroment

The MCOE is situated at Bonny Island, a beautiful part of the country, with much to see and do for sightseeing, sports and leisure.

Top of the visitor must-see list is the Finima Nature Park, Bonny Island.
The Finima Nature Park on Bonny Island was established to preserve the natural environment of the local communities. The site of the Nature Park is the natural habitat of Salt Water Hippopotamus, now rare in Nigeria, and other interesting flora and fauna prevalent on Bonny Island.

The park, measuring approximately 1000 hectares, is for conservation, recreation, and research on the fauna, flora and cultural heritage of Bonny Kingdom.
The reserve area covers the rain forests and mangrove swamps, as well as an ecologically important area of sandy soil with fresh water ponds and tall timber between the swamps and
the beach.

This diversity is a good representation of the Niger Delta ecology, which affords a unique opportunity for research and educational activities.

Already, the reserve is home to some wildlife species of high conservation value, a variety of mammals, bird species and reptiles.

There have been reported sightings of:

The African Fish Eagle — Haliaeetus vocifer.

Troops of the Mona monkey — Cercopithecus mona

And flocks of the White-face Whistling duck—Dendrocygna viduata are commonly sighted and are the park’s most predominant species.

In addition, Finima Nature Park is home to a number of species classified by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) such as the African Grey Parrot – Psittacus erithacus.

Finima Nature Park is policed by park rangers who prevent encroachment, monitor movement of animals, rescue animal and provide guided tours within the park and adjoining areas.